Schüco Corona SI 82+
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Schüco Corona SI 82+ window systems have three levels of drainage and patented aluminium profile rolling technology. Thanks to industrial fabrication and fast availability, they can now be used to build passive and low-energy windows for houses economically and to a high standard. Schüco Corona SI 82+ window systems or window doors are suitable for a wide variety of uses in both new-build and renovation projects. An extensive range of accessories ensures a high level of system security.

Key Features

  • Profile depth of 82 mm
  • Narrow face width of 120 mm for the standard profile combination
  • Increased basic depth for more security and protection against break-in
  • 8-chamber profile system with excellent insulation properties
  • High structural safety due to new, patented composite technology based on aluminuim
  • Constructive intelligence: steel and insulating foam-free frame designs avoid thermal bridging and are fully recyclable
  • Vent geometry with quarter-rebated, half-rounded vent appearance
  • Softform design for the highest level of harmony in design
  • Silver-grey gaskets on white profiles for discreet appearance
  • Uw values up to 0.8 W/(m²K) - depending on profile combination and glazing
  • Compared with standard windows, 80% more glass surfaces (light) when building with Corona SI 82+ with the same level of thermal insulation